Twentyoz Podcast #5 Killing Floor 2 Q&A With TWI’s John Gibson


On our 5th podcast Christian and I spend some time with John Gibson the CEO and President of Tripwire Interactive. TWI is the developer of Killing Floor and it’s sequel Killing Floor 2. John talks with us about some of the community concerns surrounding their first console release in relation to it’s core PC game.

More information regarding this topic and the game.

Developer Website: Tripwire Interactive

Tripwire forum thread: Lets talk about PS4 and KF2

Killing Floor 2 Dev Diaries on YouTube

Twentyoz Articles: Killing Floor 2 Looks Like A Beautiful Nightmare

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  • Šimon Leška

    I have absolute faith in these guys :) They will take their time and the game will be f-ing epic!

  • Eddie Laidler

    Just look at all the free content they deliver. It’s amazing. I am a PC Gamer and I think the console gaming community will be blown away at the life of the game and the support. LOL wait till the holidays when they see the hilarious free content packs .

  • pandachan

    As long as they respect that they are PC devs at the core and don’t end up giving us less because it would be unfair to consoles, I’m completely ok with it.

    • Eddie Laidler

      That is a valid statement. I think it would be extra content that could suffer rather than the core game. But yes if both are treated the same …..will PC get less free content.


    PVP would be nice. and also a mini map. and i hope we get weapon skins that are not only purchasable but some that we can also unlock in game and pvp. so basically show your colors and character customization for what you love doing the most so you can level up in pvp or co-op that way if i see someone with a tiger striped neon weapon skin i know they are really good at co-op or if i see someone with a hat and chrome weapon skin you can only get from pvp and being freaking amazing than in know not to mess with them. i think having weapon skins and clothing customization would be a big pluss and breaking them up into pvp so you can see who plays what and how good they are or how long they have been playing for example you get a golden weapon skin for playing 100+ hours that way we have a reason to keep playing more and more and even throw in unlocks for leveling up. there is so much you could do with this and it would be amazing to see it and hell if you have to spent another 6 months getting it done before a release date i don’t think people would mind one bit because just imagine next Christmas not only unlocking santa but also unlocking all sorts of things for like weapon skins and accessories.