Moframe Movember

That’s right, you heard me right, the popular Free To Play (and awesome to play) game Warframe is kicking it up into a stylish high-gear by joining in for No-Shave Movember, a month-long “holiday” of sorts, where people are encouraged to not shave off mustaches or beards and donate to prostate cancer.


Men are known to die at a significantly younger age than women, for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being a 1.4:1 ratio of death by cancer, such as prostate cancer.

With funding for female-dominant cancers being many times greater than that of male-dominant ones (such as breast cancer versus prostate cancer), often clocking in at 4:1 to 16.5:1 ratios across the first world countries for government funding, with an even greater gap among privatized funding. There are many possible reasons for such, and I highly doubt they’re intentionally sexist or malicious in nature, but the fact remains that initiatives like Movember are sorely required.

And how better to sneak away from the topic of people dying, and get into the joys of supporting a good cause, than by slapping a silly mustache (or an AWESOME one) on everything in sight?

Mmm-yesss, Rah-thar.

Mmm-yesss, Rah-thar. Good show, ol’ boy.

In-game mustache attachments are available, for both male and female warframes, with the first mustache unlocked for free to show your support for the cause of prostate cancer research.

Further mustaches are able to be unlocked by donating to the Movember charity via their website found here.

As a simple, yet effective way for a game developer to help a cause, and via an amazingly hilarious methodology at that, I simply have to give mad props to Warframe developer Digital Extremes.

Well, I suppose I don’t have to give them mad props; the mustache props in-game are already pretty crazy.

I will, however, be giving them a donation, not just in support of the cause, but also because, really, who can resist “The Villain” ‘stache?

So join Moframe in helping to support a good cause, and wear them smexy, smexy ‘staches.

Or discuss the idea on their forum, here.

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