Killing Floor 2 Looks Like A Beautiful Nightmare


When the developer responsible for setting the standard for hardcore realism in first person shooters focuses all it’s talents on making round based survival horror you just know something really impactful is going to come out of that witches brew of dedication to detail.

Tripwire Interactive’s sequel to it’s rabidly popular Killing Floor is really…….I’m almost lost for words.

Let’s throw a few words out to describe what we are seeing in this latest Dev Diary. Nightmarish, gory, crazy, mayhem, abattoir, bloodthirsty, manic, and every other description of a game that other devs may be unwilling or afraid to make. My favorite word is used in the Dev Diary below….Squishy!

And gorgeous! The katana melee animations are looking really nice in this game and you can see that there is a lot of love and attention going into every detail of the mechanics.

In a conversation that I recently had with John Gibson the CEO of TWI he described the game as being darker that the original Killing Floor. I believe him and that is going to please an awful lot of gamers.

Squishy!  Enjoy the show.

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