Heroes of the Storm – Ranked play & Beta release


If you were lucky enough to stumble upon my previous article, or simply get a HotS key before it entered Beta, you were able to experience and enjoy this game before that judgement day of January 13th.

If not, here is a link – /heroes-of-the-storm-a-very-playable-alpha/

Now… On the 13th of January, HotS entered closed Beta, and came one step closer to a finished game. Now beware that its only a step closer, and still quite a way to go before they can say its done and start making money. Oh wait, that is not true… Who said that a game has to be finished, for you to be making money off it, early release games are everywhere around us and some (most) of them look like they will never be finished, despite the 100k sold copies and millions of dollars that the dev team made.

Hots, being in closed Beta is still unavailable for all those who werent lucky to get a random key. Unless, you have 40 dollars, or euros – because blizzard thinks these two currencies have the same value, to purchase a… wait for it… Founder Pack !


Founder pack is Blizzards way of selling Beta access to a halfway done game for the price of a standard AAA title. Along with the key for the game you also receive 3 heroes, which value in about 20.000 ingame gold, and 3 skins which probably value at around 25e, but then again they are skins and make no difference in the game so I find it hardly excusable to list them up for the 40e game price.  The 20k gold you need for those heroes takes about 5 – 7 days of casual playtime once you have started to grind up, so even tho that sounds like a really big amount of gold – its not.

So what does the Founder Pack really give to the community and how does it influence us others? Well for starters, you get somewhere between 5 to 8 players in each game, that have absolutely no clue what they are supposed to do, how the game is supposed to be played and who will… most definitely shave off 10 years of your life span just by forcing you to deal with their retarded choices.

Ten…nine…eight…calm down Alex…

But… I digress… I am sure that you, the Founder Pack reader of this article, will be the one to change it all, and show everybody how the game is supposed to be played. There are some gems in the dirt, but these 2 weeks of gameplay since the beta release have left me utterly shocked, by the horrible behavior and lack of skill, of these newcomers to the game.


Ranked Play

Ranked play features a League system that allows players to compete and increase their rank from 50 to 1, so they would be paired with and against people that are within the same level of skill. That is at least the idea, but it does come with a few very serious problems, which I will explain now.

You need level 35 to play ranked. – This looks like a good requirement, and should isolate any players that are new to the game. BUT, when you allow people to buy stimpack boosts for real money, which give them huge XP increase after each game played, you are virtually letting people who played less then 50 games all together to enter Ranked play. So right now lvl 50 rank is about as bad as quick-match when it comes to idiots that play there.

You need to own 10 heroes, to play ranked. – Again, this sounds like something that was made to separate players who are still very new and those who have grinded out and bought their heroes. BUT, now on one side you have players who have played for a few months and have unlocked 10 heroes that usually cost 2 – 7k gold each, playing with people who have spent 100 – 200 dollars and have unlocked any heroes that they want, yet have no idea how to possibly play any of them. Also, when you get into ranked, you can only play those 10+ heroes that you have unlocked. So unless you spend RL money on it, or grind for about a year, your ,,cheap“ gold heroes, are facing people who have bought heroes that cost 10 – 15k gold each for real money, and you are getting stomped out. Heroes like Arthas, Thrall, Azmodan or especially Nazeebo are just so much better then some of the cheaper ones, that if they are in the enemy team, you will most likely lose.



So what is HotS now. HotS is a brutal pay-to-win game, which uses the tactics similar to the Mexican army at the Alamo. It will not come straight at you and try to force its way into your valet, but rather take a slow, painful, way of torturing you as you lose games to idiots that have spent more money then 5 AAA games would cost just so they can go around trolol their way into victory wth unbalanced heroes. Bah….

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