Alien Isolation: How to Hide From a Monster

Alien Isolation Header

Before I start this review, I would first like to say I am a fan of the Alien film franchise – most of them, but not all.  I have the Alien Anthology on blu-ray, one of my prized movies.  I love H.R. Giger’s artwork, the inspiration for the original alien movie, as well as a host of other movies.  I admire the cinematography of the original, the suspense and terror that the movie series conveyed, … Read More

Shadow of Mordor, An Unpopular Opinion


For this review I feel that I must start off with a disclaimer due to the fact that my experience with this game differs so greatly from the great majority of reviews that have been publicized. I am not a fan of the combat mechanics in the Batman game nor was I overjoyed with everything from the Assassins Creed series so in that respect I am no fan of The Shadow of Mordor. This game … Read More

Rising Storm, One Game You Might Have Missed


You know the feeling…  when a game comes out, it kind of has everything you want in it, the developers seem to be working on it hard, its innovative, outside of the box.. but, it just doesn’t quite work out, and then October comes and in swoop the smashing AAA titles to occupy your time – and, of course, empty your wallet. Well, that was kind of what happened between me and Red Orchestra 2: … Read More

The Long Dark : More Than Paper And Glue


Taking a chance on a 20.00 early access game sometimes pays off. The Long Dark being developed by Hinterland Studios out of Canada is such a game for me. It isn’t finished. It isn’t nearly finished. It’s graphics are not high fidelity. Yet, while stylistically minimal, they suit the game just fine. They just work for me…those stylistically minimal graphics that resemble a Matisse or Paper Cutout Illustrations. Illustrations that capture the cold and loneliness … Read More

Europa Universalis IV: Complex But Not Complicated.


Don’t panic. Running an entire country may seem overwhelming at first, but if Bush Jr. can do it, it can’t be that hard. With the fourth installment of the Europa Universalis series, released in 2013, allowing you to do exactly that – running a country all of your own –  the sheer wealth of options will seem insurmountable, but once you’re actually in the game, it’s not nearly as bad as it first sounds. Paradox … Read More

Destiny: Looking To The Future

  Recently I’ve seen a lot of reviews on Destiny, and I find myself wondering how many of these reviews are stuck repeating the same fundamental error of trying to define a given game as a particular genre which it isn’t, then being frustrated that it doesn’t live up to the expectations placed upon it. Time and again, every review I see of Destiny makes the same mistake – they try to pigeon hole Destiny … Read More

Endless Legend, A Closer Look

Endless Legend A Closer look There is a word that the good folks at Amplitude studios seem to like, and that word is “Endless”. From the creators of Endless Space, Dungeon of the Endless and most likely hardcore fans of Pink Floyd’s Endless River, comes the new frontier in 4x Strategy titles – Endless Legend. The latest installment of the endless 4x series takes us from exploring the vast areas of space in its predecessor and ventures … Read More

Next Car Game Gets Multiplayer and New Name

Next Car Game aka Wreckfest From Bugbear Entertainment This past March I purchased Next car Game on Steam Early Access and it was the first Automotive racing game that I had purchased since Gran Turismo 2 for Playstation. That just gave away my gaming age. I don’t buy Racing games or didn’t until Next Car Game stuck it’s mad destructibility and physics into my brain like a harpoon. Furthermore, I thought I would use it … Read More

Early Access: Crypt of the NecroDancer

Dare you enter the chamber of farts? Not with that torch.

It turns out that the monster mash does not involve mashing buttons – at least, not if you want to live. Welcome to the Crypt of the Necrodancer. Your eyes deceive you not – it’s actually not a typo. This is what you get when you take a rhythm game, undead, rougelike gameplay and shovel it all into a blender with a literal shovel. Actually, no, you’d probably just get a lot of shrapnel. Alright, … Read More