Visceral Reminds DICE How To Battlefield!


  The latest offering in the Battlefield franchise is here and it is brought to us by Visceral Games. Leading up to Hardline, fans were worried they would merely reskin Battlefield 4 and create essentially what amounts to nothing more than a full priced expansion pack. And judging by the initial E3 beta it was looking like we were right. Setting aside the fact that it was a beta, the game was plagued by many … Read More

Mark Kern’s Olive Branch

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  Let me take you through my thoughts on this: First off, I want to say I support this petition and I have signed it prior to making this video. I also urge you to check it out, and also sign it if you agree with Mark Kern as I do. Secondly, there was an article on VG247 written by Patrick Garratt in response to this petition. I urge you NOT to waste you time … Read More

Review: The Evil Within

The Evil Within_boulanger

  The survival horror genre has arguably had a rocky road thus far. Going from Resident Evil on PlayStation to Resident Evil 6 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Comparing those 2 specific offerings shows more than a few steps away from survival horror and towards 3rd person action shooters. Now that’s not to say every IP in the genre has followed suit. Some, such as Amnesia, have continued to offer pure horror experiences but … Read More