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The Founding Staff.

Picture 10 My Name is Sam Reese and I am Senior Editor, Podcaster and Writer for Twenty.oz  I am a lifelong gamer who has previously hosted 51 episodes of the Crosshairs podcast and I have been active in the PC Gaming community for many years. I works in IT for an obscenely large corporation. I am also a husband and father of 3 children and a grandfather of 2. My belief is that games are inherently good. I believe we benefit in many ways from gaming. First and foremost gaming is a healthy expression of our inner child. I also believe gaming is a gateway to learning about technology.


1469765_10200770345012305_65249451_n My name is Aleksandar Markovic, and my IP traces to the capital city of Serbia, a small country in the south-eastern part of Europe. I am a dedicated, passionate gamer with a rich history in every single genre that you can imagine.
My favorite games are mostly RPGs, such as the Mass Effect, Witcher and Neverwinter Nights series, where on the opposite end is anything Mario, Zelda or Final Fantasy related. I write for TwentyOz as Game Reviewer and a Podcaster,while my current profession is being a student of Game Design.


My Name is Catreece MacLeod and I am the Associate Editor, Podcaster, Writer and Resident Adorkable Cute Fuzzy Thing for Twenty.oz. I’ve worked in the past as the lead writer and game designer for two developers, with credit upon several titles spanning PC, Mac and mobile gaming platforms, have a background in 3D modeling, animation, game design, writing, and have cultivated a specialization in world design which I teach online classes for. In addition to such, I also provide quality editing and ghostwriting for novels on the side, so you may very well have seen my work before and didn’t even realize it. I’d love to tell you more, but then I’d have to kill you. Bloody non-disclosure agreements being so literal sucks.It’s my firm belief that each of us has an obligation to learn as much as possible about the things that interest us and then to share what we’ve learned with the next generation, that they can improve upon the foundation we built even further.I game like I work; a perfectionist in all I do, whether being the top of server raid leader, meticulously fawning over design elements, or teaching a class.