Rising Storm, One Game You Might Have Missed

You know the feeling…  when a game comes out, it kind of has everything you want in it, the developers seem to be working on it hard, its innovative, outside of the box.. but, it just doesn’t quite work out, and then October comes and in swoop the smashing AAA titles to occupy your time – and, of course, empty your wallet. Well, that was kind of what happened between me and Red Orchestra 2: … Read More

Next Car Game Gets Multiplayer and New Name

Next Car Game aka Wreckfest From Bugbear Entertainment This past March I purchased Next car Game on Steam Early Access and it was the first Automotive racing game that I had purchased since Gran Turismo 2 for Playstation. That just gave away my gaming age. I don’t buy Racing games or didn’t until Next Car Game stuck it’s mad destructibility and physics into my brain like a harpoon. Furthermore, I thought I would use it … Read More

Researcher, Shute says “Portal 2 kicks Lumosity’s ass”

  What would your mother say if she thought your video games were actually good for you? Maybe she would rely on the old myth that they will make you go blind. Researcher Val Shute from Florida State University ran a study where they compared Valves Portal 2 with Lumosity the popular brain improvement game. Shute, who is also a gamer, determined that after 8 hours Portal 2 players scored better in some  standard cognitive … Read More

Something Evil This Way Comes

Remember doing things to get chased as a kid? Wicked things on Devil’s Night? Or maybe you went even further to get chased. The pump and adrenaline is or what you were after. Now have you ever had a nightmare? Of course you have but I mean one where you were being chased and maybe one leg was shorter than the other or broken or maimed. The stress and horror is what gives the rush. … Read More

Humble Bundle Serves Up A Special Interest Bundle

This weeks Humble Bundle is reflecting the signs of the times and offering up a Leading Ladies themed selection of games that feature female protagonists. Proceeds are split between the developers and the Girls Make Games scholarship fund. The Humble Weekly Bundle: Leading Ladies Long live the female protagonist. We have gathered a meeting of leading ladies to come together for one of the most awesome of bundles. Pay what you want for Lilly Looking … Read More