Endless Legend, A Closer Look

Endless Legend A Closer look There is a word that the good folks at Amplitude studios seem to like, and that word is “Endless”. From the creators of Endless Space, Dungeon of the Endless and most likely hardcore fans of Pink Floyd’s Endless River, comes the new frontier in 4x Strategy titles – Endless Legend. The latest installment of the endless 4x series takes us from exploring the vast areas of space in its predecessor and ventures … Read More

Choosing a Minecraft Resource Pack

 On the surface, choosing a Minecraft resource pack seems like it should be a no brainer. In fact, picking a pack of pickled… er… pixels… feels like such a simple action that you tell yourself, “Hey, I’ll just randomly pick one of the nice ones on the various resource pack sites.” Well, sure, you can tell yourself that, and maybe it’d even be true… if there weren’t thousands of resource packs out there and if … Read More

Next Car Game Gets Multiplayer and New Name

Next Car Game aka Wreckfest From Bugbear Entertainment This past March I purchased Next car Game on Steam Early Access and it was the first Automotive racing game that I had purchased since Gran Turismo 2 for Playstation. That just gave away my gaming age. I don’t buy Racing games or didn’t until Next Car Game stuck it’s mad destructibility and physics into my brain like a harpoon. Furthermore, I thought I would use it … Read More

Researcher, Shute says “Portal 2 kicks Lumosity’s ass”

  What would your mother say if she thought your video games were actually good for you? Maybe she would rely on the old myth that they will make you go blind. Researcher Val Shute from Florida State University ran a study where they compared Valves Portal 2 with Lumosity the popular brain improvement game. Shute, who is also a gamer, determined that after 8 hours Portal 2 players scored better in some  standard cognitive … Read More