Rising Storm, One Game You Might Have Missed

You know the feeling…  when a game comes out, it kind of has everything you want in it, the developers seem to be working on it hard, its innovative, outside of the box.. but, it just doesn’t quite work out, and then October comes and in swoop the smashing AAA titles to occupy your time – and, of course, empty your wallet. Well, that was kind of what happened between me and Red Orchestra 2: … Read More

The Epic Gaming Homages Of Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls is an animated cartoon that airs on Disney channel, but it’s so much more than “just a cartoon” Gravity Falls is a veritable cornucopia of subtle pop culture references, nostalgia, and excellent writing that doesn’t insult the intelligence of it’s audience. In this authors opinion it is one of the few great western cartoons  of this generation. Knowing the above, it makes sense that video games and video game culture would be an … Read More

Hatsune Miku performs on the David Letterman show

Hatsune Miku’s performance on a recent episode of the David Letterman Show, likely left several people confused. Yet it also seemed to excite several others. In fact my 63 year old mother called me up to tell me to get to the nearest television set to watch it. For me that was a rather surreal experience. I’ve known of Hatsune Miku for quite a long time, but the idea of a concert with a virtual … Read More

The Long Dark : More Than Paper And Glue

Taking a chance on a 20.00 early access game sometimes pays off. The Long Dark being developed by Hinterland Studios out of Canada is such a game for me. It isn’t finished. It isn’t nearly finished. It’s graphics are not high fidelity. Yet, while stylistically minimal, they suit the game just fine. They just work for me…those stylistically minimal graphics that resemble a Matisse or Paper Cutout Illustrations. Illustrations that capture the cold and loneliness … Read More

Europa Universalis IV: Complex But Not Complicated.

Don’t panic. Running an entire country may seem overwhelming at first, but if Bush Jr. can do it, it can’t be that hard. With the fourth installment of the Europa Universalis series, released in 2013, allowing you to do exactly that – running a country all of your own –  the sheer wealth of options will seem insurmountable, but once you’re actually in the game, it’s not nearly as bad as it first sounds. Paradox … Read More

Obama Recommits to Net Neutrality

On Thursday, during a Town Hall meeting with members of the Cross Campus Community President Obama reiterated his commitment to Net Neutrality. His comments seem to be in line with his campaign position but in opposition to the current proposal that is before the FCC at this time. Obama said: “I made a commitment very early on that I am unequivocally committed to Net Neutrality… Tom Wheeler, knows my position. I can’t-now that he’s there-I … Read More

Destiny: Looking To The Future

  Recently I’ve seen a lot of reviews on Destiny, and I find myself wondering how many of these reviews are stuck repeating the same fundamental error of trying to define a given game as a particular genre which it isn’t, then being frustrated that it doesn’t live up to the expectations placed upon it. Time and again, every review I see of Destiny makes the same mistake – they try to pigeon hole Destiny … Read More

An Old Friend. My Keyboard.

An Old Friend My Keyboard.   Thomas Fuller said “If you have one true friend you have more than your share” and I mostly agree that if a person finds just one dependable friend in life then that individual is a very lucky person. If one were to apply that adage to a PC Gamer’s input device I feel pretty confident that many of us have found that one very dependable friend over the years. … Read More